Service Guide

FEEC is committed to providing customers with intimate value-added services, including equipment trial running,formula testing, technological support, etc.,to help our customers reduce equipment energy consumption, improve production capacity and equipment performance.

Equipment Maintenance

According to the requirements, the customers can make an appointment with our after-sales service staffs or sales staffs in advance, and put forward the equipment maintenance requirements and specific date, as well as provide the necessary maintenance equipment information.

Equipment Modification

Regarding the old machines from customer, according to the customer’s requirements, we can upgrade and transform part of the equipment components, apply the most front-end technology on the old machine to make the old machine glow with new function.

In addition, FEEC can also organize customer training and learning according to customer needs, and enhance customer operating skills and technological knowledge.

Maintenance Guide

FEEC is committed to supply customer with high capacity and high value customized machines. If the equipment does not have regular maintenance, or the maintenance is not standardized, will directly affect the performance of the equipment and increase the possibility of potential failures. The failures may not only affect your normal production and operation, but also influence the service life of the equipment, and increase your additional costs and expenses.

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